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January 9, 2020

IBM Launches AI-Based Ad Creative Optimization

IBM Launches AI-Based Ad Creative Optimization


Quite a few companies use artificial intelligence to find optimal combinations of ad creative components. But IBM is still a powerful enough brand that its entry attracts attention. Advertising Accelerator with Watson finds optimal creative combinations for segments, not individuals, although it also finds new segments.

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Martech, Adtech, Digital Content and D2C Investments Accelerated in 2019: LUMA Report


Martech buyers might be fatigued but martech investors were friskier than before in 2019, according to LUMA’s Q4 2019 report. Mergers, acquisitions, fundings, and public markets all grew sharply. Comprehensive lists make this a great reference.

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Top-Performing Advertisers Focus on Data Collection: Microsoft Advertising Study

Microsoft Advertising

Buying tech is easier than using it well. This Microsoft Advertising report finds that top-performing marketers are more likely to have someone in charge of managing the customer journey, to use outside agencies, and to prioritize data collection. Dynamic personalized creative is more common among top performers than low performers.  Site personalization is not.

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