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January 10, 2020

MailChimp Exceeds 60% Email Market Share

MailChimp Exceeds 60% Email Market Share


MailChimp has a 60.5% share of the email marketing industry, according to its bizarrely-designed online annual report. The report also counts the number of emails mentioning Marie Kondo and other random topics. This is amusing until you realize it means they're reading what customers send.

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Average Email Open Rate Fell Slightly Last Year: Campaign Monitor Report

Campaign Monitor

Email provider Campaign Monitor recently issued its own report, benchmarking email performance across industries and days of the week. Average open rate across all sources was 17.8% and average click-through was 2.6%. Both are down slightly from the previous year.

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Average Webcast Attendance Rate is 39% of Registrants: Intrado Study


While we’re looking at benchmarks, here are some on Webcasting from Intrado Studio. They found 39% of Webcast registrants attend the event live and another 12% view it later. Thursday is the most popular day and 1 p.m. Central is the most popular time. Lots more fun facts on duration, polls, audience questions, video, mobile devices, etc.

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