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January 15, 2020

Half of CDP Owners Lack a True CDP: Tealium Survey

Half of CDP Owners Lack a True CDP: Tealium Survey


Half of the systems deployed as Customer Data Platforms do not meet minimum CDP requirements, a Tealium survey found. Fifty percent of users said their CDP can’t ingest data from any channel, 50% can’t stitch together multiple identifiers to create a single customer view, and 59% cannot activate data in real time. That these users think they have a CDP shows how confused buyers have been. But 58% of users plan to switch to a new CDP, offering hope that experienced buyers will make better choices on their second try.

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Cloud-Based Data Warehouses Yield Significant Customer Benefits: MessageGears Study


Messaging vendor MessageGears has another survey about customer data management, focusing on cloud-based “modern data warehouse” platforms such as Azure, BigQuery, Redshift, and Snowflake. Benefits of moving to a cloud warehouse include flexibility (26%), security (22%), 360-degree customer view (20%), time savings (19%), and better segmentation and personalization (14%). More than half of users say the change has yielded “significant” customer benefits.

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Google Chrome Will Block Third Party Cookies within Two Years


Switching gears, as it were: Google has announced that Chrome will end support for third-party cookies within two years. The move was expected but the clock is now ticking more loudly for marketers to find alternative tracking methods or maybe just do less tracking.

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