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January 16, 2020

ActionIQ Raises $32 Million Series C

ActionIQ Raises $32 Million Series C


Some days this newsletter just writes itself. Here’s news that CDP ActionIQ has raised a $32 million Series C, bringing total funding to $75 million. They also list a collection of impressive wins at enterprise clients.

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ABM Platform 6sense Adds $40 Million Series C


And here's a $40 million Series C from ABM platform 6sense. This brings their total to $105 million. 6sense has been on a roll since repositioning from predictive analytics to ABM.

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Google Buys AppSheet for No-Code Development


Enough about enterprise software. All you Citizen Developers will want to know that Google has just bought AppSheet, a no-code development platform. It can build processes that use data from pretty much any cloud source including Google Sheets, Forms, Maps, and Analytics, as well as non-Google platforms including Salesforce, Dropbox, AWS DynamoDB and MySQL.

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