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January 21, 2020

NewStore Raises $20 Million for All-In-One Retail Solution

NewStore Raises $20 Million for All-In-One Retail Solution

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If your definition of joy is running omni-channel retail on an iPhone, then NewStore is your new best friend. They promise their one system does everything, which may appeal to people who doubt that integrating lots of systems can really be simple. NewStore just raised $20 million in new funding from backers including Salesforce Ventures, bringing their total to $130 million.

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Funnel Closes $47 Million Series B for Campaign Data Management


$20 million? Hah! scoff our friends at Funnel, who just raised $47 million for their marketing data collection and transformation system. It works with campaign data, not customer profiles, so it’s no CDP. Total funding is $68 million, if NewStore is keeping score.

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GumGum Offers Classification System for Content-Based Targeting


Enough about money. Let’s worry instead about what we’ll do when privacy rules prevent us from targeting ads with individual data. GumGum’s got you covered, with a system that will automatically categorize content so you can match your ads to what people are reading. It will also avoid those awkward brand safety discussions when your ads appear in the wrong places.

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