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January 22, 2020

Just 28% of Marketers Prioritize Data Quality: Nielsen Report

Just 28% of Marketers Prioritize Data Quality: Nielsen Report


We all know that 2/2 is Repeat Yourself Again Day, but let’s celebrate early by reporting things we’ve reported before. We’ll start with this Nielsen study that finds just 28% of marketers make data quality their top priority, ranking it behind audience targeting, ad creative, and reach. In fact, Nielsen says marketers are creatures of habit who do many irrational things. We are shocked.

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Price and Service Beat Personalization as Loyalty Drivers: Zendesk Survey


One of our favorite points to repeat is that consumers care less about personalization than value. This Zendesk report makes it yet again, finding that vastly more consumers say price (62%) and service (57%) make them feel loyal to a brand, than personalization and promotions (27%). In fact, 23% said they don’t want any personalization at all.

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Even Clueless Lawmakers See Threats in Facial Recognition: VentureBeat


We never tire of reminding you that tech vendors threaten everyone’s privacy. Our latest offering is this VentureBeat story about efforts to regulate facial recognition.  Dare we spy a glimmer of hope?

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