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January 27, 2020

Vibes Adds Integration with Infutor Consumer Data

Vibes Adds Integration with Infutor Consumer Data


What with all these new privacy regulations, you might think there would be a shortage of data to match against your customer files, Dear Reader. Not so, or at least not yet. We see many announcements promising more matches than a singles cruise. For example, here’s a hookup between mobile marketing platform Vibes and Infutor’s massive store of consumer information.

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AcutiyAds Partners with Tapad to Expand Cross-Device Ad Targeting


Tapad specializes in identifying devices that belong to the same person. They’ve partnered with AcuityAds to help build cross-channel ad audiences with a special focus on connected TVs. You can run from those shoes you considered buying, but you can’t hide.

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Factual Appends Location History to Customer Records


Surely it’s no longer cool to sell companies location history that they can tie individual records? Au contraire. Location data vendor Factual recently announced a product that does exactly that, matching on devices. The company promises that all data is acquired with proper consent or was acquired before current consent rules such as CCPA took effect.

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