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January 28, 2020

Facebook Promises Fabulous Privacy Protections

Facebook Promises Fabulous Privacy Protections


Raise your hand if you knew today is Data Privacy Day. (Did you just raise your hand? Do you think I can't see you?) You can watch a two hour event to celebrate, or you can chuckle over Facebook’s promise to provide users with privacy protections “far beyond those required by United States law" if a federal judge grants it immunity from anything illegal it might have done in the past. They didn’t mention throwing in a bridge to Brooklyn, but I guess that’s implied.

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SuperAwesome Raises $17 Million for Kid-Safe Digital Media


SuperAwesome is truly devoted to privacy, having started its kid-safe digital media ecosystem in 2013. They just raised $17 million from Microsoft’s M12 venture fund, bringing total funding to $58 million.

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Tiny ViewN CDP Adds Bimotics Big Data Tool

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I could finish with any of several surveys showing that consumers are concerned about privacy, but even Jamie in our Department of the Obvious feels everybody knows that. So instead let’s mention that ViewN, a tiny CDP vendor in Miami, has purchased Bimotics, an equally tiny company that offers data assembly tool for the Google Cloud Platform. It appears that both firms were already run by the same people.

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