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January 30, 2020

mParticle Expands Data Management Features

mParticle Expands Data Management Features


CDP mParticle has expanded its data quality features and added the ability to add calculated attributes to customer profiles. Enhancements make it easier to import old data, manage data collection rules, and quickly activate new data streams. Some CDPs already have similar features, others do not.

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ActiveCampaign Raises $100 Million Series B for All-in-One CX Software

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One thing very few firms can boast is a $100 million Series B. ActiveCampaign just joined that exclusive club, bringing total funding to $120 million. The company sells an all-in-one email, marketing automation, and CRM system to 90,000 customers and has doubled to over 550 employees in the past year.

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Attentive Announces $70 Million Series C for Mobile Messaging


Mobile messaging platform Attentive has also raised more than $100 million, although it took a $70 million Series C to push them over the mark to $124 million total. They also doubled their headcount and tripled their revenue last year. But, being at the enterprise end of the spectrum, they have well under 1,000 clients.

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