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February 3, 2020

Lifesight Matches Mobile Ads to Retail Traffic

Lifesight Matches Mobile Ads to Retail Traffic

Martech Advisor

I’ll say it again: the death of third party data is greatly exaggerated. Here’s news that Lifesight, which has been collecting and sharing location, content, purchase, and other data for several years, has just launched the latest version of its flagship product, Flux. It’s now easier than ever to build custom ad audiences and measure the impact of marketing campaigns on store traffic.

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Placer.ai Raises $12 Million Series A for Location Data


Placer.ai also connects consumer locations to retail foot traffic – in real time, no less. They just raised a $12 million Series A, so their investors must also believe their data supply won’t be lost any time soon.

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Outlier Adds $22.1 Million Series B for Automated Insights


We don't have another location-related item but here's one more piece of AI-related funding. This is a $22.1 million Series B for Outlier, which uses automated analysis to produce “proactive, actionable insights” based on changes in data patterns. It all happens “without requiring any configuration or set-up” although you do still have to crawl out of bed in the morning.

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