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January 31, 2017

Leveraging Email for Ads, Web Sites, and Customer Service: LiveIntent & LiveRamp, TowerData, SuperOffice

LiveIntent and LiveRamp Share Data to Coordinate Ads in Email and Display

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Let’s talk about email today, shall we? First, we have an integration of LiveIntent with LiveRamp. In case you’re getting your lives mixed up, LiveIntent inserts advertisements into publisher and brand emails, using predictive analytics to find the best ad for each person. LiveRamp matches email addresses to cookies and other digital identifiers so marketers can send display ads to email customers. The deal will make it easier for marketers target the same people across both media.

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TowerData Adds Intent Data to Target Emails and Web Personalization


Next, we have email data provider TowerData announcing "access to recent browsing and search-based purchase intent data aggregated from 10,000 stores and 7,500 brands across thousands of shopping sites”.  The data can be used to target emails but, more impressively, can also be accessed in real time via API to drive Web site personalization. So, like the previously item, this is really more about cross-channel messaging..

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Study: 41% of Companies Do Not Respond to Customer Service Emails


Finally, a bit of research. CRM software provider SuperOffice sent a two question email to 500 companies and wait for a reply.  It reports that 41% of companies never anwered and those who did took an average of more than 15 hours. Only 11% answered both questions on the first try. A whopping 99% didn’t follow up to see if customers were satisfied with their answer. Not shocking but still sad.

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