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February 5, 2020

TVSquared Launches Unified TV Attribution

TVSquared Launches Unified TV Attribution


I don’t mean to be cranky, Dear Reader, but today’s theme is basically “stuff you don’t care about but is the best I could find”. We’ll start with something you might find genuinely interesting: cross-screen attribution vendor TVSquared has launched a global solution to unify reporting on linear and digital TV advertising. Good stuff, but TVSquared has been doing cross-screen attribution for years, so it’s not clear exactly what’s new.

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Searchspring and Nextopia Merge Their Ecommerce Site Search Businesses


Did you wake up eager for news on the exciting world of ecommerce site search? Me neither. But I’ll still report that two industry vendors, Searchspring and Nextopia, are merging. Both were already owned by Scaleworks, an investment firm.

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Koch Industries Buys The Rest of Infor


Finally, we have news about Infor, which quietly sells a slew of industry-specific cloud software products, mostly to mid-size companies. They do have a CRM product that promises a “complete customer view”, which warms my little heart. But, again, the news is pretty modest: Koch Industries, which already owned two-thirds of the company, has just bought the rest of it.

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