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February 6, 2020

Single Customer View Critical to Effective Personalization

Single Customer View Critical to Effective Personalization: Melissa Study


Companies with a reliable single customer view are vastly more likely than others to have very effective personalization -- 87% vs 35%, according to this study from data quality vendor Melissa. Quality issues such as incomplete (61%), outdated (46%), and inaccurate data were bigger obstacles than silos (14%). Download for more.

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Data Quality Is Least Aligned Function for Driving Growth: LeanData and Sales Hacker


Unified data is also essential for consistent customer treatment, which 95% of respondents to this survey by LeanData and Sales Hacker said is a critical revenue driver for B2B companies. The group ranked quality and accessible data as the least aligned function needed to drive growth.

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In-House Martech Improves Data Use: DigiDay and Bannerflow


And since we’re looking at surveys about data, let’s finish with this DigiDay report for Bannerflow, which found that 41% of companies make better use of their data after bringing technology in-house. Most intriguing finding: companies with a stand-alone in-house agency fell to 36% from 59% a year earlier. They either made embedded agency skills in their marketing teams (35% vs 23% the year before) or went back to external agencies (29% vs 17%).

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