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February 7, 2020

Optimove Buys Axonite for Real-Time Event Sharing

Optimove Buys Axonite for Real-Time Event Sharing


CDP Optimove has purchased Axonite, a real-time event streaming framework built on Apache Kafka and Confluent. Translating from tech-speak: it will easier for Optimove to ingest, react, and share events as they happen. We can all see the value in that.

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Most Marketers Think Automation Will Harm Branding Programs: Bynder Report


Are technophobic marketers an outdated stereotype? Maybe not: 55% of the respondents to this survey from digital asset management vendor Bynder felt automation would harm their branding efforts, although 68% plan to add new martech vendors anyway. Even scarier: the marketer-heavy sample was evenly split on whether marketing (31%) or IT (30%) should be responsible for tech adoption. Let’s be clear: putting IT in charge of martech adoption will not end well.

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Quintesse Offers Contextual Targeting as Cookie Substitute


Even the most tech-savvy marketers are puzzled about the impact of privacy changes. One result – or maybe it’s a cause – is vendors who position barely-related technology as “pro-privacy” solutions. Case in point: Quintesse describes its natural language processing system for understanding the content of Web pages as an alternative to third party cookies. Their pitch is if you can’t target individuals with cookie-based profiles, you can target on page content instead. It’s a tenuous connection at best.

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