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February 10, 2020

Retina Raises $5 Million to Find Bad Customers

Retina Raises $5 Million to Find Bad Customers

Business Wire

Retina’s founders didn’t get the memo that AI is no longer cool and have positioned their system as using it to predict customer lifetime value. They take the rather hostile attitude that “a majority [of new customers] are poison for the business” and promise to weed the bad ones out quickly. They just raised $5 million from backers who probably expect the majority of their investments to fail but miss the irony.

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Plannuh Announces $4 Million Funding for Marketing Planning


Meanwhile, you gotta love a planning software company that names its product Plannuh, especially when they’re from Boston. They just raised $4 million for their system to gather all those marketing plans, budgets, and expenses into place. There’s some AI-based analytics but they talk more about reducing waste.

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Casted Takes $2.35 Million for B2B Podcast Platform


Finally, we have a $2.35 million round for Casted, which offers a software-as-a-service platform to manage branded B2B podcasts. It’s still more proof that B2B podcasting is officially a thing. Speaking of which, tune into the Talking Stack podcast featuring CDP Institute’s David Raab, martech guru Anand Thacker, and MarTech Adivisor editor-in-chief Chitra Iyer.

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