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February 11, 2020

Snowflake Announces Salesforce Partnership and $479 Million Series G

Snowflake Announces Salesforce Partnership and $479 Million Series G


Cloud database vendor Snowflake has raised $479 million Series G, bringing total funding to $1.4 billion. They also announced a “strategic partnership with Salesforce” which ZD Net reported will include “product, marketing and go-to-market strategy”.  Since Snowflake powers several Customer Data Platforms, this is intriguing indeed.

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Upland Software Buys Localytics for Mobile App Personalization

Upland Software

Upland Software has purchased mobile app personalization and analytics tool Localytics. It’s the latest of 25 acquisitions including a dozen or so sales, marketing, and call center products. Alas, Upland doesn’t seem to integrate what they buy.

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Localytics Co-Founders Launch New Analytics System

Demand Sage

Definitely not by coincidence, two Localytics co-founders have announced their next business, which they’ve been working on since leaving Localytics more than a year ago. Demand Sage will offer automated customer analytics to small and mid-sized businesses. It will initially extract data from Hubspot, uncover useful insights, and place the results in Google Sheets.

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