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February 12, 2020

Merkle Launches Merkury Identity Resolution Platform

Merkle Launches Merkury Identity Resolution Platform


The News Gods delivered three identity resolution items today, Dear Reader. Maybe they got a volume discount. First is Merkle’s announcement of the Merkury (get it?) Identity Resolution Platform, which helps brands and publishers create, enhance and share private identity graphs. Partners include publishing, identity data and adtech firms. Applications include programmatic trading of cookie-free customer IDs. Head explodes.

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180byTwo Announces B2B Data Unification Platform

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B2B data compiler 180byTwo has announced Unifi, a “customer data and identity platform” that combines data, identity resolution, intent prediction, and analytics. Partners include Merritt Group, Oracle Data Cloud, Pumatic, Lotame and Marketo. Before your head explodes again, relax: this one’s still in closed beta.

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Kount Introduces Identity Trust Global Network


Fraud prevention vendor Kount comes at identity from the angle of judging whether someone is really who they say they are. Kount just introduced the Identity Trust Global Network, which assigns a confidence score to identities asserted during interactions such as payments, account creation, and log-ins. Companies can then act accordingly, smoothing the path for reliable identities and demanding more verification from the sketchier ones.

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