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February 13, 2020

Habu Raises $15 Million to Unify Customer Data Without a CDP

Habu Raises $15 Million to Unify Customer Data Without a CDP

Web Wire

Habu, which just came out of stealth with $15 million in funding, calls itself a “marketing data operating system” for “stitching together marketing and advertising data from multiple platforms to deliver a relevant consumer experience across all channels”. That sounds like a CDP but they are taking a non-CDP approach that includes analyzing data inside the “clean rooms” offered by Google, Facebook and other walled gardens. The founders held senior positions at Krux and Salesforce, which either helps or harms their credibility.

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D&B Announces Analytics Studio

Dun & Bradstreet

Dun & Bradstreet is accepting beta customers for Analytics Studio, which combines predictive modeling, visualization, and the ability to merge a client’s own data with D&B data and “alternative sources” such as technology installs, debtor information, intent data, and commercial property records. Not exactly a CDP although D&B purchased Lattice Engines last year and you might see some resemblance.

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Consumers Want Choice of Support Channels: UJET Survey


CDPs help customer service teams provide consistent experience across channels. I’ll just mention that since I otherwise wouldn’t have excuse to discuss this UJET survey about support channel preferences. The main message is that consumers want a wide choice: more than half wanted to text, email, chat, phone, and upload photos, screenshots, and videos. Channel preferences differ by age group except for Facetime, probably because Grandma already uses it to bond with the grandkids.

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