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February 14, 2020

Clipchamp Raises $9 Million for Video Creation

Small Businesses Make Lots of Small Videos: Promo Study


I guess every smartphone owner knows how easy it is to create a video. But you might still be surprised that more than half the small business marketers surveyed by video creation platform Promo publish one or more videos per week. Don’t be too impressed: 64% are under 20 seconds long and 49% are made in less than ten minutes.

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Clipchamp Raises $9 Million for Video Creation

MarTech Advisor

Still wondering if video is really that popular? Well, video creation platform Clipchamp has over eight million registered users. Most are using the free version but they have enough paid customers to justify a $9 million Series A, adding to $1.4 million in seed funding.

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Data Quality Is a Losing Battle: O’Reilly Report


I couldn’t find another video story but you could make a great horror movie from this O’Reilly report on data quality. Open with a shot of data analyst angrily slamming down a newspaper article headlined “80% of organizations don’t follow data governance best practices”, follow her futile battle to gather enough resources to do her job, and end with her slowly going mad as she tries to reconcile endless, inconsistent data sources. Okay, maybe you won’t win an Oscar with that one.

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