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February 19, 2020

75% of Marketers Say They Have a CDP

75% of Marketers Say They Have a CDP: Merkle Survey


Seventy-five percent of marketers told Merkle they had a CDP in this survey. Merkle was having none of it, citing the figure as a sign of confusion about what a CDP is. Sad but true. Lots of other, presumably more reliable information on personalization, tech spending, and more.

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Hitwise Shuts Down After Losing Clickstream Data

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Online measurement firm Hitwise has abruptly closed its doors, less than a month after it lost data feeds (almost certainly) from Jumpshot, which was itself shut down due to privacy issues. It makes life harder for marketers but does show that privacy regulations are having some real-world effect.

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Facebook Offers Ideas on Regulating Itself


Facebook faces no immediate existential threat but the Hitwise news must still cause a tiny shiver somewhere in its icy soul. They published a white paper today trying to guide regulatory discussion in a favorable direction, mostly asking for rules that mimic the way they already do business. Because they’re doing a great job, right?

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