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February 20, 2020

Reltio Repositions as Connected Customer Platform

Reltio Repositions as Connected Customer Platform


Oh the irony: just after we removed Reltio from our list of Customer Data Platforms, they renamed their product as Connected Customer 360 and positioned themselves as a system to deliver customer experiences. Their roots in master data management are still showing but maybe they’re a CDP after all. We’ll take a closer look.

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Data Problems Block New Systems at One Company in Three: Experian Report


The data problems addressed by CDPs extend well beyond customer data and marketing departments. Experian found that 33% of companies were unable to get value from a new system or technology due to data quality problems and 66% said a backlog of data issues is hindering new projects. Lots more bad news here if you’re looking for a way to justify a project or like knowing that others share your pain.

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Nearly Half of Employees Have Seen Company Data Stolen: Egress Study


If you’re really in the mood for bad news, consider this: 46% of employees told Egress that they or a colleague had stolen company data when they moved to a new company. Nearly as many (41%) don’t think their company has exclusive ownership of its data. Given those attitudes, it’s no surprise that 97% of IT leaders said an insider breach is a significant concern.

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