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February 21, 2020

BlueVenn Adds Email Engine

BlueVenn Adds Email Engine

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BlueVenn has added an integrated email engine to its CDP, or more properly to the Omnichannel Marketing Hub it sells alongside its CDP. It thus joins the ranks of CDP vendors offering delivery capabilities. Users will still have the option to connect to other email systems, or BlueVenn wouldn’t be a CDP at all.

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Lytics Integrates with Google BigQuery


Lytics has expanded its CDP in a different direction, adding integration with the Google Cloud BigQuery data store. Users will gain scability, speed, and advanced analytics available in the Google Cloud environment.

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Behavioral Signals and Neuraswitch Partner to Analyze Emotions During Call Center Interactions

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Let’s stick with integration and finish with news that emotion detection vendor Behavioral Signals will now feed its analytics into AI-driven call center platform Neuraswitch. The combined system will measure the emotional state of both callers and agents and make helpful suggestions for what to do next.

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