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February 24, 2020

Vertify Buys Synthio to Enrich B2B Data

Vertify Buys Synthio to Enrich B2B Data


Lots of action in the world of B2B data management right now. Here’s Vertify buying Synthio. The two businesses fit together nicely: Vertify is an integration platform that moves data between B2B systems while Synthio provides contact data to enrich existing profiles and add new names.

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RingLead Data Exchange Adds New B2B Data Sources

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Meanwhile, B2B data quality vendor RingLead has added ten new partners for its just-announced DataExchange. ZoomInfo, Crunchbase, Clearbit, Inside View, Aberdeen, and DemandMatrix join previous participants Bombora, HG Data, Oceanos, and others.

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Leanplum Raises $27 Million for Mobile Messaging

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Leadplum doesn’t really fit with today’s other items: it mostly delivers B2C messages across mobile channels including push, in-app messaging, and email. But they did just raise $27 million, bringing their total raise to over $125 million. That seems worth a mention.

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