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February 26, 2020

Salesforce Buys Vlocity for $1.3 Billion

Salesforce Buys Vlocity for $1.3 Billion


Salesforce rather casually announced during yesterday’s quarterly earnings call that it is buying Vlocity, which builds industry-specific CRM systems on top of the Salesforce platform, for a cool $1.33 billion. The news was buried in the middle of the sixth paragraph of the prepared statement. Just another day at the office, I suppose.

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Neutronian Launches Data Quality Verification Platform


The folks at Neutronian were considerably more excited about their news, which is that they have launched their data compliance and source verification platform. Their goal is to provide independent scoring of the quality and sourcing of marketing data. Compliant sourcing is a big issue since advertisers may be liable if they buy data that was gathered improperly.

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Accuracy is Top Concern of Location Data Buyers: 451 Research


Sure enough, data quality is the top concern of location data buyers, according to this 451 Research study for Cuebiq. Privacy ranked fourth, just behind dealing with multiple data sources and walled gardens. The study found that 98% of marketers use location data to some degree, although just 27% consider it a key component of their strategy.

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