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March 4, 2020

Salesforce Buys The CMO Club

Salesforce Buys The CMO Club


How serious is Salesforce about selling to CMOs? Well, they just bought The CMO Club, an organization where this exclusive group gathers for learning, commiseration, and who-knows-what secret rituals. The club has 30 global chapters and 650+ members.

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Most Americans Doubt Tech Platforms Will Prevent Election Abuse: Pew Research

Pew Research Center

At the other end of the exclusivity spectrum, 74% in a sample of the entire U.S. population told the Pew Research Center that they had little or no confidence that companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google would prevent misuse of their platforms during the 2020 presidential election. We originally rejected this item when it was presented by Jamie in our Department of the Obvious, on the grounds that it wasn’t obvious so many people felt this way. He said what's obvious is that the tech companies won’t prevent abuse. Good point.

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Global Digital Review Tells All


Looking for something to read when you get trapped at home by coronavirus? This 247-page compendium of global digital statistics from We Are Social and Hootsuite includes everything from population statistics to the gender split of Snapchat users in Qatar. Did you know that people in the U.S. have more smart home devices than average but make less use of voice search? Or that Americans are more concerned about misuse of their data but less likely to use ad blockers? Hours of fun.

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