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March 9, 2020

Mailchimp Buys Small Business Publisher Courier Media

Mailchimp Buys Small Business Publisher Courier Media


Just after we finished scratching our head over Salesforce’s acquisition of The CMO Club, email giant Mailchimp announced it had bought Courier Media, a London-based publisher whose main product is a 100,000-circulation print magazine for small-business people (not small business-people). So, martech vendors owning media organizations is apparently now a Thing. Let’s interpret it as vendors ensuring they can reach their audiences without relying third party data.

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Saymine Automates Data Deletion Requests


More definitely related to new privacy rules: a company called Saymine recently launched with the business model of making it easier to find which companies have your data and ask them to delete it. At present all they do is to scan your email inbox to identify which firms you have dealt with, which is just the tiniest and least intrusive tip of the iceberg. Presumably they have broader ambitions.

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Dynamic Yield Matches Offline Purchases to Online Customer Profiles

Dynamic Yield

I could finish with any of a half-dozen privacy surveys but you know what they say. So let’s instead report that personalization vendor Dynamic Yield has added the ability to import offline purchases and match them to online identities. If doing that separately for each of your martech systems sounds inefficient, let me introduce you to my friend Customer Data Platform.

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