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March 11, 2020

Serenova Merges with Lifesize for Unified Communications

Serenova Merges with Lifesize for Unified Communications


Today’s theme is “odd couples”. First up: contact center software vendor Serenova is merging with video conferencing vendor Lifesize. The connection may seem tenuous but remember that Serenova was purchased in 2016 by Marlin Equity Partners, which then backed Serenova’s acquisition of Telstrat call analytics in 2017 and ProScheduler workforce scheduling in 2019. The stated goal is a “holistic unified communications portfolio”.

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Criteo and Jivox Share Data to Optimize Ad Campaigns

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Next, programmatic ad audience platform Criteo has teamed with creative optimization platform Jivox to deploy integrated campaigns. Criteo recommends audiences and products to Jivox, which builds and tests ad variations, which Criteo then serves to it audiences, which it refines based on results reported by Jivox. Sweet.

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Privacy Apps Shared User Data


We end with a Jekyll and Hyde story: ad blocking and virtual private network products from Sensor Tower have been sharing data on the users they are supposed to protect. The leaks were uncovered by BuzzFeed, which reports that many of Sensor Tower apps were removed from Android and iOS app stores for policy violations. Sensor Tower says only anonymized data was shared for analytical purposes.

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