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March 12, 2020

Relationship Intelligence Platform Affinity Acquires Remains of Nudge.ai

Relationship Intelligence Platform Affinity Remains of Nudge.ai


B2B relationship intelligence platform Affinity has purchased Toronto-based Nudge.ai, a somewhat-similar product which shut down in January. Nudge closed its doors when they still had enough money in the bank to pay off all creditors and return a bit to investors. Did I mention they’re Canadian?

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Coveo Adds In-Product Help Solution


Coveo, which matches content to user behaviors, has extended its system to offer relevant advice as customers are using online products. “In-Product Experience Intelligence” joins Coveo applications for e-commerce and Web site search.

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DataQ Ties Custom Recommendations to Ad Campaign Goals

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Today’s secret word is “intelligence”, so we’ll finish with audience intelligence vendor DataQ.ai, which provides e-commerce marketers with automated recommendations for advertising campaigns. They just launched their latest version which lets users specify campaign goals. Pricing starts as low as $19 per month.

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