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March 16, 2020

Valassis Offers Ad Targeting for Connected TV

Valassis Offers Ad Targeting for Connected TV


It looks like consumers will be watching more TV than usual for a while. So let’s look at TV advertising news. First up: Valassis just launched Connected TV, a service that lets ad buyers use Valassis’ 120 million household identity graph to target audiences on devices, apps, and networks. Buyers can also correlate ad placements with results including foot traffic.

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Wurl Network Delivered 1.2 Billion Connected TV Ads in Its First Year


Sticking with connected TV, Wurl Network says its 180+ streaming channels now reach more than 100 million devices across nine countries. This after just one year of operation. They delivered 1.2 billion personally targeted ads during that period.

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Xandr Offers Self-Service Ad Buying for Linear TV


Connected TV is delivered outside of standard cable networks, while linear TV is scheduled programming within those networks. Now that we’ve clarified that, we’ll report that AT&T’s Xandr has added a self-service tool that lets media buyers select a single audience across linear TV networks reaching 76% of U.S. households. This avoids duplicate exposures.

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