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March 18, 2020

Adobe Announces Something Minor But You’ll Read This Anyway

Adobe Announces Something Minor But You’ll Read This Anyway

CMS Wire

Adobe has announced that Marketo users will be able to access content stored in its Adobe Experience Manager digital asset manager. I wouldn’t ordinarily report such a simple integration, especially when both products are owned by the same company. But we’ve been starved for news you find interesting, Dear Reader, and you do like articles about Adobe.

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Demandbase Offers Access to Demandbase Data


You haven’t been especially interested in Demandbase, Dear Reader, but at least this announcement involves customer data. Specifically, they have announced Data Stream, which lets users access all account-specific data in Demandbase for reporting and dashboards. I guess this means that all data within Demandbase wasn’t already accessible. We are shocked.

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Google, Facebook, Others May Share Location Data with Government to Fight Coronavirus


Yes, that's clickbait.  But it's still a real story: tech giants may share location data that would otherwise be private to trace the contacts of coronavirus patients. Whether or not you think this is a good idea, the thing to remember is how easily it can be done.

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