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March 19, 2020

Marketers with Integrated Data Show Better Results: Blueshift Study

Marketers with Integrated Data Show Better Results: Blueshift Study


Marketers with well-integrated customer data show substantially better results than those who don’t, according to this study from CDP vendor Blueshift. Unfortunately, half (51%) don’t combine their data on a single platform. Download for details.

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Domo Lets End-Users Create Alerts and Workflows


Self-service is one way for marketers to make more use of their data. Business intelligence vendor Domo has launched a no-code development environment to let non-technical users create apps that send them alerts when interesting things happen. Citizen developers can also create workflows that take actions.

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PubMatic Helps Publishers Monetize First Party Data without Sharing It


Advertisers often want to use customer data that belongs to someone else. Owners want to sell the data but keep control. PubMatic is addressing the problem with Audience Encore, which lets data owners apply their information to publishing audiences, and in turn lets publishers sell those audiences programmatically using “deal IDs” that don’t expose specific information. The point is you can target in a privacy-safe way.

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