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March 19, 2020

Newsletter Open Rates Rise Due to Coronavirus

Newsletter Open Rates Rise Due to Coronavirus

Martech Advisor

My best three items today are all about B2B marketing, but I know it’s not your favorite topic, Dear Reader, and at the end of such a rough week I want to share something you’ll like. So let’s instead lead with a report that dynamic content vendor LiveIntent has found that email newsletter open rates are notably higher this week. It’s true that the reason is people are stuck at home due to coronavirus but we'll take good news where we find it.

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Nuvi Launches Social Customer Experience Platform

PR Web

Staying positive, social analytics platform Nuvi has expanded its scope with a collection “social customer experience” solutions that include collaborative planning, collateral publishing, and social engagement. They’ve also upgraded their monitoring tools with more accurate sentiment prediction. Huzzah.

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Sift Offers Insult Monitor But It’s Not What You Think

Globe Newswire

I got excited when I saw the headline announcing Sift’s new “insult monitor”, since it would be so helpful to have a system collect and present the best insults from across the Web. Unfortunately, they were referring to the “insult” of mistakenly rejecting legitimate transactions as fraudulent. But I can dream.

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