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March 26, 2020

Apple Safari Blocks Third Party Cookies by Default

Apple Safari Blocks Third Party Cookies by Default


Let’s take a break from coronavirus to remember the other apocalypse: the end of third party cookies. Apple just moved that date forward by announcing that its Safari browser will now block all third party cookies by default. But Safari’s global market share is under 18% and it had already blocked most third party cookies. Google Chrome, with 64% share, has said it will stop supporting third party cookies next year.

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Blueshift Adds Predictive Channel Engagement Scores


You may or may not mourn the loss of third party cookies. Some unambiguously cheerful news is that CDP Blueshift has added channel engagement scores to its predictive modeling studio. The customizable models estimate how likely each customer is to engage on each channel and can be used to automatically pick the best one.

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Optimove Launches Daily Coronavirus Webcast


Back to coronavirus. CDP Optimove has launched a live daily webcast on how the pandemic is impacting marketers. Other CDP vendors are also addressing the topic but I’m not aware of anyone else doing it daily.

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