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March 31, 2020

V12 Identifies up to Half of Anonymous Web Site Visitors

V12 Identifies up to Half of Anonymous Web Site Visitors


Few things about online marketing are more frustrating than attracting someone to your Web site and watching them leave without identifying themselves. Marketing data company V12 has launched Signals WebID, which it says can identify up to half of visitors and then reach them through email, direct mail, and social campaigns. The magic comes from their consumer data sets.

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SEMrush Creates Fully Automated Ad Campaigns in Ten Seconds


What about attracting those visitors in the first place? SEMrush has that down to a button-push: they just released Traffic Jet, which automatically creates, tests, and optimizes online ads across platforms including Google, Facebook, and Amazon. Users just specify a URL category, target locations, and budget. Setting up a campaign takes ten seconds.

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Fast Announces One-Click Checkout and a $20 Million Series A


Of course, the button-push you really care about is the shopping cart checkout. Fast lets buyers do that in one click on any Web site that uses their technology. Or they will, when Fast Checkout launches in the coming weeks. Oh, and they just raised a $20 million Series A.

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