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April 2, 2020

D2C Is Bright Spot in M&A Landscape: LUMA Report

D2C Is Bright Spot in M&A Landscape: LUMA Report

LUMA Partners

Media and martech mergers and acquisitions slowed sharply in the first quarter of this year, according to LUMA’s quarterly market report. The slowdown began even before the coronavirus pandemic although activity dropped to near zero in March. If you’re looking for a half-full glass, LUMA believes that martech revenues won’t fall as quickly as adtech. The picture is even brighter for Direct-to-Consumer businesses.

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Anagog Raises $10 Million Series C for Privacy-Safe Location Tracking

Business Wire

Speaking of investments, here’s a $10 million Series C for Anagog, a privacy-friendly location tracking app. Sounds like an oxymoron but Anagog keeps all the detailed information it gathers on the phone itself, building a profile and creating behavior predictions that can trigger brand messages. The system does allow personal data to be shared but only with “explicit user consent”.

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SurveyMonkey Enables Do-It-Yourself Market Research


SurveyMonkey is making it easier for non-experts to run their own market research projects by bundling research designs, a global survey panel, and AI-driven results analysis. They’ve released seven packages, called Expert Solutions, to analyze ad creative, video creative, product concepts, packaging design, logo design, brand names, and messaging statements. Who said AI would replace truck drivers first?

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