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April 6, 2020

Just 29% of Marketers Orchestrate Customer Treatments Based on Real Time Behavior

Just 29% of Marketers Orchestrate Customer Treatments Based on Real Time Behavior: CMO Council

CMO Council

Marketers are struggling to react quickly to customer behavior: half need more than one week to measure campaign impact, according to this CMO Council report. Even worse, just 29% orchestrate customer treatments based on real time behavior and 81% feel they are not fully meeting customer expectations. Disconnected systems and data complexity rank high on the list of obstacles.

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Marketers Take Back Seat on Customer Experience Tracking: UserTesting Report


Part of marketers’ measurement challenges may be organizational. UserTesting found that product and customer experience departments are more likely than marketing to be in charge of collecting customer feedback. Another gap: 95% of executives say customer experience is important but only one-third of employees say their company has a proactive CX.

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Marketing Industry Lags in AI Deployment: MIT Technology Review Insights

PR Newswire

Marketers aren’t doing so well with AI adoption, either. This MIT Technology Review Insights report found that media and marketing companies were dead last in expected use of AI. Financial services, manufacturing, IT and telecom lead the way. From one-quarter to one-third of companies across all industries use AI for personalization.

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