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February 7, 2017

Making Good Use of Customer Data

Q-nomy Launches Omni-Channel BPM Product Platform


Q-nomy has just released Q-Flow® 6.0, which it bills as “the only software product platform that fully optimizes complex digital and physical journeys, thus increasing sales and customer satisfaction for any market.” That gets my attention and leaves me wondering why I've never heard of them. Exploring a bit, it turns out their real expertise is managing queues such as checkout lines at retailers, patients in a doctor’s waiting room, or calls on hold for telephone agents. They’ve extended this into an “omni-channel business process management product platform” which sounds a bit grandiose but I suppose is technically accurate. I’m including this as evidence of how widely recognized the importance of customer experience has become, and how marketers might want to look beyond familiar providers for solutions.

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AGDATA Sprouts GrowStat Analytics Platform


Yes that headline is a terrible pun and consider yourself lucky I don't indulge more often.  AGDATA says it’s “the largest data collector in the agriculture industry”.  They’ve just launched GrowStat, a software platform for ag retailers that includes data management, sales enablement, analytics, mapping, and reporting. It’s mobile-ready, too! Another example of people leveraging data about customers, crops, and domestic livestock.

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Study: 85% Of Shoppers Are Influenced By Personalized Homepage Promotions But 70% Buy on Price

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I know those were two boring items, so here’s a nice juicy survey to make up for it. Kibo, an omnichannel commerce platform for B2B and B2C sellers, surveyed nearly 3,000 consumers in the U.S. and U.K. It found 85% are influenced by personalized home page recommendations, 92% are influenced by personalized shopping cart recommendations, and 74% expect store associates to be able to access their customer history when they visit a store after purchasing online. More evidence that all this data we’re assembling is really valuable, right? Yes indeed, although I should add that only 4% said online shopping experience was their top consideration when making a purchase, compared with 70% who cited price. Useful reality check.

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