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April 13, 2020

Coronavirus Keywords Block Brand Safe Content: GumGum Report

Coronavirus Keywords Block Brand Safe Content: GumGum Report


Many advertisers are avoiding coronavirus-related stories. But 62% of ads flagged by keyword-based ad blocking are actually brand safe, according to adtech vendor GumGum. This matters because publishers earn less revenue and advertisers miss good media buys.

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Taboola and Moat Sell Video Ads Based on Viewability


Ad viewability is another important thing that’s tricky to measure. Content discovery vendor Taboola, which places those bizarre-but-enticing “paid content” stories on many Web sites, has partnered with analytics vendor Moat to charge for video ads based on viewability or completed views rather than clicks. Problem solved.

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Neustar and iSpot.tv Share Data for Better Attribution


Attribution is the mother of all measurement challenges. Neustar and iSpot.tv have connected their data to make it a little easier. iSpot tracks ad views across 12 million opted-in smart TVs and lets clients add their own information including retail sales. Neustar is integrating iSpot data with its own consumer information, enabling advertisers to build richer audience profiles and attribution analyses. Problem not quite solved but it's one more piece of the puzzle.

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