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April 17, 2020

Virtual Events Up 78%, Digital Ads Down 27%

Virtual Events Up 78%, Digital Ads Down 27%: NewsCred Survey


Seventy-eight percent of marketers expect to increase their spend on virtual events as a result of coronavirus, according to this NewsCred survey, while 27% expect to spend less on digital ads. My take: the focus is on telling stories, not pushing product. A whopping 87% said their entire marketing staff is working remotely.

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Verizon to Buy BlueJeans Conferencing Software


Conferencing software is everyone’s new best friend and while Zoom gets most of the attention, BlueJeans has plenty of users too. They also have a new owner: Verizon just bought them for a reported $400 million. Remember a million years ago when we worried about net neutrality?

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Few Low Income Workers Can Work from Home: YouGov Research


It’s easy to forget that not everyone is working from home. This Yahoo News/YouGov poll brings the class divide into sharp focus: 66% of people without household income over $100,000 are working from home compared with 18% with incomes under $50,000. The lowest income brackets are half as likely to have paid sick leave (31% vs 68%) and twice as likely to fear they’ll lose their job in the next month (36% vs 18%).

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