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February 8, 2017

O Canada! News from the North

B2C Marketing Automation Vendor Maropost Names Its Artificial Intelligence Engine Da Vinci


Maropost is a B2C marketing automation system that builds a unified customer database and orchestrates messages across email, mobile apps, and social channels. They have quietly assembled more than 300 mid-tier clients, mostly in ecommerce and media. The company just announced an artificial intelligence technology called Da Vinci, which does the usual artificial intelligence things: recommending content and picking the best email send time. They’re from Canada.

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Allocadia Marketing Performance Manager Adds Customer Journey Reporting


Allocadia provides marketing planning, budgeting, and performance measurement to more than 150 customers. They’ve added a new “customer journey insights” solution that lets users define a set of journey stages and then track planned and actual spend against those stages. They’re from Canada too.

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22% of Businesses Plan a Single Customer View Project: Experian Survey


Experian isn’t from Canada but their global survey of 1,400 data management professionals presumably included some Canadians. Just 22% (of everyone, not just the Canadians) planned a single customer view project in the next twelve months, well behind more generic goals like data cleansing (33%) and integration (31%). The group did have a refreshingly customer-centric view of the purpose of single customer view: 49% said it was to increase retention and loyalty and 43% said it was to increase sales and revenue, while just 36% said the goal was better strategic decision making and 33% said it was to reduce costs. The report has other information that doesn’t relate to customer data but I ignored it.

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