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April 21, 2020

Microsoft and Google Improve Zoom Alternatives

Microsoft and Google Improve Zoom Alternatives


Widespread reports about Zoom security problems have given a second chance to competitors. Microsoft and Google are responding with minor tweaks. Google now lets users start a Google Meet session from within Gmail, while Microsoft promised (on Twitter) that Teams users will be able to see video of up to nine chat participants by the end of April.

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Most Organizations Lack Confidence in Their Identity Management Systems

Cybersecurity Insiders

Remote work creates new security risks. So it’s worth noting that more than half the organizations polled in this Cybersecurity Insiders report are less than fully confident in their identity and access management programs. One possible reason: respondents prioritize ease of integration (72%) and end-user experience (62%) over product effectiveness (61%).

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Onfido Raises $100 Million for Facial Recognition-Based ID Authentication


Onfido helps with one aspect of identity management: proving you are who you claim when opening a new account or otherwise asserting an identity. The system remotely reads government-issued IDs and compares the ID photo with a live view of the person’s face. They just raised $100 million, bringing their total funding to $200 million.

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