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April 29, 2020

Dynamic Yield Creeps Further into CDP Territory

Dynamic Yield Creeps Further into CDP Territory

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Dynamic Yield continues to expand beyond its roots in Web site personalization, adding a feature to send campaign audiences to email, ad networks, call centers, and other channels.  Last month's enhancement let them include offline purchase data to their unified customer profiles. Although Dynamic Yield casually refers to having “CDP product”, it’s not clear they meet RealCDP requirements for handling all data types and easily sharing the profiles with other systems.

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TrustArc Automates Privacy Risk Identification and Control


Privacy vendor TrustArc is sticking closer to its knitting, adding features to automate identification of privacy risks and possible solutions. The system maintains a continuously updated view of internal and third party data processes, checks against privacy rules for 130 countries, and alerts managers to high risk situations. As privacy rules become more complicated, companies will need solutions like this to keep pace.

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Digital ID Vendor Proxy Buys Smart Ring Vendor Motiv


When we last mentioned identify verification vendor Proxy, we wondered what happens to their smart phone-based ID system when someone loses their phone. Seems they had the same question because they today announced that they are buying “smart ring” maker Motiv. Using a ring makes perfect sense, although you still have to take it off for charging every three days or so.

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