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April 30, 2020

Segment Launches No-Code Web Data Collector

Segment Launches No-Code Web Data Collector

Globe Newswire

CDP Segment has launched a no-code tool to simplify collection of data from client Web sites. If that sounds familiar, it’s because you read last week about a no-code integration tool from Tealium and new connectors from Arm Treasure Data. Irony alert: it takes a technician to properly compare these tools built for non-technical users.

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Teradata Launches Enterprise CDP


Meanwhile, Teradata has launched what it calls “the first enterprise CDP”, a claim so absurd it doesn’t even merit a sarcastic remark. The system, Vantage CX, uses real-time data collection technology from Celebrus, which also isn’t new: the two firms have a ten-year relationship. It’s sold a service but Teradata doesn’t claim it’s the first to do that.

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Ad Sales Rebound Has Begun: Kenshoo Report


File this under “the glass is three-quarters empty but at least the water level is rising”: Kenshoo reports that digital advertising rebounded slightly early April from the levels of late March. Improvements are concentrated in online shopping and health products. Paid search and social ads both grew during the first quarter although they would have grown faster without a pandemic; ecommerce ads grew more.

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