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February 9, 2017

Advertising Just Keeps Getting Smarter

How Target Leverages First Party Data for Its Partners


This isn’t a news item but still an interesting interview about how Target uses first party data to inform media buys by agency and vendor partners. They’re building a marketplace of targeted media buys without sharing actual customer identities.  The piece also describes how Target uses second party data (allowing partners to match their data against Target’s without revealing customer identities), their martech buying practices (they enforce standards to ensure products can plug and unplug from their stack) and challenges with organizational silos (making it hard to reallocate funds across channels).

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ADEXT Buys MyCampaign / MiCampaña.com and Vanishes


Stealth-cloaked artificial intelligence project ADEXT popped out of the void to acquire formerly-Mexcio-City-based automated advertising platform MyCampaign / MiCampaña.com. MyCampaign's artificial intelligence creates sales pages for small business clients, places ads for them on Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and optimizes placements over time. As the company delicately puts it, clients can “repurpose talent by eliminating all human intervention within the sales and marketing process thus eliminating the need for expensive labor and technical skills”. MyCampaign does business in 22 countries, including the U.S., Mexico, Spain, and across South America. ADEXT itself has now returned to stealth mode.

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Marchex Adds Facebook Ads to Phone Call Source Analysis


Marchex ties phone calls to the advertisements that generated them and to the resulting revenue. Or, as they put it, they offer an “omnichannel analytics cloud”. They’ve just added Facebook ads to their sources. Given the increasing role played by Facebook in advertising strategies, it’s kind of a big deal. But remember this is only tracking calls triggered by Facebook ads, not other Facebook activities. So there’s still a lot of missing information.

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