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May 1, 2020

CDP Optimove Partners with CDP Netcore for Delivery Capabilities

CDP Optimove Partners with CDP Netcore for Delivery Capabilities


Optimove is a US- and Europe-based CDP that last year added email capabilities; Netcore is an Asia-based email and messaging provider that last year added a CDP. The two have now partnered to give Optimove users access to Netcore delivery capabilities. Yes, the CDP industry is confusing.

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ABM Vendor Terminus Buys Chatbot Maker Ramble


Terminus has elbowed its way from B2B ad targeting into Account Based Marketing management. They just extended further with the purchase of chatbot vendor Ramble. Terminus aims to be an all-in-one platform, enabling marketers to avoid the cost of best-of-breed integrations.

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Shopify Adds Online Shopping App


Shopify already offers one-stop tech shopping for small retailers. They just went a step further to add a mobile shopping app that covers everything from local business discovery to product recommendations to checkout to order tracking. Good timing.

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