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May 6, 2020

Salesforce Offers Tools to Safely Reopen Businesses

Salesforce Offers Tools to Safely Reopen Businesses


Salesforce has announced a suite of products to help companies safely reopen their businesses. The combination of new and existing solutions will cover reporting, contact tracing, emergency response, employee wellness and shift management. Prices vary by component and availability ranges from mid-May to June.  Expect a wave of similar offerings as companies move past the "we're in this together" stage of coronavirus marketing.

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Informatica Adds Self-Service Data Quality


Pandemics come and (hopefully) go, but data quality problems never end. Informatica has expanded the quality features in its cloud-based integration platform, aiming to help business users clean up their own mess. Features include AI-assisted data profiling, business rule selection, reusable quality rules, and continuous quality measurement.

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BigID Launches Privacy Management Portal

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Privacy requirements keep expanding. BigID, whose core business is helping companies find where they're storing personal data, is taking the next logical step with a portal to help manage that data. Capabilities include self-service management of consumer data requests and preferences, data rights management, user experience templates, and authentication of data requestor identities.

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