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May 7, 2020

CDPs More Used than DMPs for Programmatic Ad Buying

CDPs More Used than DMPs for Programmatic Ad Buying: MiQ Research


This report from programmatic media buyer MiQ isn’t really about Customer Data Platforms, but this is the CDP newsletter so I’ll highlight that 46% of U.S. media buyers reported having a CDP, compared with just 36% who said they had DMPs.  The bigger message of the study was that programmatic now includes out of home, connected TV, and audio ads as well as mobile ads. They found 51% of U.S. companies have separate buying teams for each channel and just 14% use a single automated platform across all channels.

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CDP Plays Small Role in B2B Digital Experience: Episerver Report


Before you CDP fans get too excited, ingest this: a mere 2% of B2B leaders see CDPs as the best help for digital experience agility in this Episerver report. Leading choices were digital experience management (29%), Web content management (16%) and business intelligence software (16%). Lots of interesting data here on digital transformation, relationship management, personalization, impact of AI, data breaches, and more.

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Listrak Expands Identity Resolution Capabilities

Globe Newswire

In actual business news, retail marketing automation vendor Listrak has added identity resolution to its bag of tricks. Its new GXP platform converts anonymous to known traffic and finds cross-channel identifiers. Listrak already built a unified customer profile so it’s not entirely clear what’s new here.

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