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May 11, 2020

Zoom Acquires Keybase for Encryption

Zoom Acquires Keybase for Encryption


Now that Zoom meetings are part of almost everyone’s life, you may care what Zoom the company is up to. Which is, they just bought message encryption vendor Keybase and will start offering end-to-end encryption on paid accounts. They also made promised not to listen to customer meetings or to enable decryption by government agencies, in case you thought they might.

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Ogury Lets Visitors Choose Their Video Ads

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If you’re worried about the more conventional privacy issue of companies sneakily collecting your data for ad targeting, meet mobile ad network Orgury. They’ll target ads with your data but only after you agree to prominent consent notices. They also let publishers give you the choices of seeing relevant ads based on your data, seeing untargeted ads, or seeing no ads and paying for content. Ogury recently added the ability to let users choose which of three video ads to view, an option that increases ad engagement.

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Roku Launches Individual-Level Ad Targeting


I won’t call Roku one of those companies that sneakily collect your data. But they did just launch platform that targets Internet TV, Web and mobile ads based on Roku’s ability to identify their users. You consented to that, right?

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