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May 12, 2020

Horizon Media Will Use TransUnion Data for People-Based Targeting

Horizon Media Will Use TransUnion Data for People-Based Targeting


Media buying agency Horizon Media is partnering with TransUnion to identify consumers across channels for ad targeting and analysis. It’s one more example of preparing to execute “people-based” marketing programs after third party cookies are just a delicious memory.

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TVSquared and MediaMath Expand Ad Measurement to Europe


Here’s another partnership: TV attribution vendor TVSquared is helping measure results of video ads on programmatic ad platform MediaMath. The deal was announced in April and just expanded to cover European markets. No cookies here, either.

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AdsWizz Creates Personalized Audio Ads in Real Time


Audio adtech vendor AdsWizz is partnering with pretty much everyone, in a manner of speaking. They have added dynamic creative optimization to their AudioMatic and AudioServe ad platforms, enabling those systems to create more than ten million audio ad variations in real time. Choices can be based on gender, age, behavioral segments, location, time of day, weather, device type, and more.

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