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May 13, 2020

ActionIQ Can Trigger Real Time Emails from SparkPost

ActionIQ Can Trigger Real Time Emails from SparkPost



Pandemic or not, the CDP industry keeps chugging along. CDP ActionIQ has added an API integration with email engine SparkPost. ActionIQ will be able to trigger SparkPost emails in real time and will receive response information. Tighter integration between CDPs and email systems is increasingly common.

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Allant Acquires CMO Labs Services to Add CDP Deployment Skills

Allant Group

On the services side, marketing services company Allant Group has acquired the services business of martech consultants CMO Labs. The deal will beef up Allant’s CDP deployment capabilities and its digital marketing chops in general. Allant works with several CDP providers, matching different products to the needs of different clients.

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Two-Thirds of Marketers Feel Privacy Rules Make Marketing Better: Merkle Study


Merkle, another marketing services agency, has issued its latest quarterly Customer Engagement Report. Two-thirds (67%) said privacy regulations would have a positive impact on marketing and 54% said the regulations would make them more aggressive in using first party data. Just over one-third (37%) already do personalization with first party data only while 41% use it along with third party data.

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